1. Care in pregnancy

2. Delivery of twins: Cesarean delivery, PPH

3. Emerging methods in twin research

4. Large collaborative studies in twin birth cohorts

5. Neuroimaging and the brain: role of twin studies

6. Biology and genetics of twinning

7. Prenatal screening and diagnosis

8. Omics studies

9. Periconceptional aspects of multiple pregnancy

10. Perinatal mortality and morbidity in multiple pregnancy

11. Preterm birth and prematurity

12. Psychological studies of twins

13. Monochorionic twin complications and management

14. Maternal disorders in twin pregnancy: hypertension, diabetes, etc...

15. Monitoring in pregnancy and labor

16. TTTS

17. Epigenetics and twins

18. Assisted reproductive technologies and twins

19. Personalised medicine in twins

20. Chronic disorders in twins

21. Neonatal outcome

22. Twin registries