ABSTRACT DEADLINE: July 15th, 2024

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  1. Care in pregnancy
  2. Delivery of twins: Cesarean delivery, PPH
  3. Emerging methods in twin research
  4. Large collaborative studies in twin birth cohorts
  5. Neuroimaging & the brain: role of twin studies
  6. Biology and genetics of twinning
  7. Prenatal screening and diagnosis
  8. Omics studies
  9. Periconceptional aspects of multiple pregnancy
  10. Perinatal mortality and morbidity in multiple pregnancy
  11. Preterm birth and prematurity
  12. Psychological studies of twins
  13. Monochorionic twin complications and management
  14. Maternal disorders in twin pregnancy: hypertension, diabetes, etc…
  15. Monitoring in pregnancy and labor
  16. TTTS
  17. Epigenetics and twins
  18. Assisted reproductive technologies and twins
  19. Personalised medicine in twins
  20. Chronic disorders in twins
  21. Neonatal outcome
  22. Twin registries
  23. Twin studies in Microbiome and Health
  24. Maximizing the value of twin studies: their value for birth cohorts, developmental and ageing studies
  25. New developments in twin studies of Epigenetics
  26. Integrating imaging, laboratory and clinical data in twin studies
    Twin Statistics. Designs, outcomes and statistical approaches to optimize the analysis of data from twins. Register data (when zygosity is unknown). Quantitative genetic methodology for transancestry analyses
  27. Twin studies in Africa and Asia: A growing resource for multi-cohort studies
  28. Celebrating the achievements of successful twin registries
  29. Bulmer session: Biology of Twinning and Fertility
  30. Studies of twins’ psychological features (ability, mental health, relationships, legal issues, new books)
  31. Twin research and personalised medicine
  32. Twin research on clinical genetics and chronic disorders
  33. Early Career Researchers session: research that will have a positive impact on the lives of multiples and/or their families
  34. Ancestry research in twins and twin studies. Ethical aspects in twin research. IVF and Embryo transfers from psycho-social implications especially in LMICS
  35. Exploring opportunities for the multiples and research communities to work together for mutual benefit. The difficult decisions and ethical considerations in multiple pregnancies. ART, ethics, conjoined twins, selective reduction. Family perspectives


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  • Please note that the abstract needs to be structured and to include the following sections:
    • Introduction
    • Materials and Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusions